Thursday, 4 May 2017

National Review: A Conservative Defense of Women’s Rights

National Review: A Conservative Defense of Women’s Rights

by Kaeley Triller

"The data consistently show that 99 percent of sexual crimes against females were committed by males. When the data change, then maybe we can have a discussion about whether or not anatomy matters. I won’t be holding my breath. In the meantime, it’s hard to overstate the significance of anatomy. Anatomy is why girls are trained to never to walk alone at night, to carry pepper spray, to use a buddy system. Like skin color, biological sex is not something one can peel off at the end of the day, or paint on with liquid eyeliner and fishnets. Anatomy is what puts women on the losing end of the power differential almost every single time.

And speaking of the power differential: Gender-identity politics carry deeply troubling implications for women’s sports. Is it really okay for Fallon Fox, a transwoman, to compete against females, hitting one of them so hard that it shattered her eye socket and ended her career? Is it okay for a biological male to claim the $500 first prize in a woman’s marathon? When do women ever win in this equation? Are there any women in the NFL? The NBA? MLB? Has anyone actually thought this through? Research from the Women’s Sports Foundation indicates that female athletes already receive 63,000 fewer opportunities at NCAA institutions than males do, and we receive $183 million less in NCAA athletic scholarships. We can’t afford to relinquish our coveted spots to men, nor should anyone ask us to."

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