Sunday, 6 August 2017

Crux: Francis, Trump model ‘keep-em-guessing’ 21st century leadership

Crux: Francis, Trump model ‘keep-em-guessing’ 21st century leadership

by John L. Allen

It’s already been observed that despite vast differences in worldview, experience, and agenda, Trump and Francis have some striking similarities. Both are populist mavericks, though in highly different keys. Both have an instinctive skepticism about the establishments they lead, the Vatican in Francis’s case and the federal bureaucracy in Trump’s. Both also have a genius for drawing attention, whether mostly flattering (as in Francis) or often not so much (as in Trump).

I have often said that Trump and Pope Francis seem like long lost brothers. Despite their radically different outlook, their leadership style is so similar; the off the cuff statements, the vague undefined agenda for change, the dislike of the establishment and the way they sideline those who are perceived as opponents.

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